Steve and Sue Sterry – Case Study

Steve and Sue Sterry used the profits they made from selling one of thier UK buy to let investments to start their US real estate  investment portfolio. They bought three houses for cash in Detroit and used financing to buy eight duplexes (16 units in total) in Rochester, New York.

We asked the Sterry’s about their experience.


“We kept getting mailshots about US high net yield, buy to let investments, and started doing some research. We realised we could make our money work harder for us in the US than in the UK.


At first, we were quite sceptical; and were unsure about some of the companies selling US properties. I guess the initial fear is that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is, so we were incredibly cautious. It is a big deal buying property thousands of miles from home.

Darren Brown of PCG Invest was the only person that would meet us in face-to-face, all the other companies were phone and internet only, and that immediately put up red flags. We really liked how refreshingly honest he was about how it all worked, he didn’t try to hide the risks, because of course there is a risk with anything.

After meeting Darren we went out of way to do the due diligence on PCG, the areas we were interested in investing in and the actual properties we were interested in buying.

1st Investment

“We bought three houses for cash in one go, in Detroit. The whole process went extremely smoothly and the purchases went through incredibly quickly. We took ownership in four weeks, which is unheard of in the UK.

Of course, when you buy in America you’re unable to look around them unless you fly out there but you can go on Google Earth and check the houses are actually there.  PCG provide evidence that properties exist too and can even arrange video walk throughs.  Darren then went through the whole buying process and they helped us with all the legal preparation. We would never have known what we had to do or how to do it all without his team.

2nd Investment 

In early summer 2015 we decided to invest further, Darren told us about the Rochester finance package deal that would enable us to invest in eight duplex properties with an investment of only $144,000.00, 16 units in total, which worked out to be 30% in a deal worth $480,000.00.

Taking out a loan in the US was a real eye-opener; going through all the processes of setting up the LLCs, which included opening a bank account as a foreigner and dealing with all the complicated paperwork. Darren team guided us through every step of the way. Again, we would not have had a clue what to do without them. Setting up a bank account as an alien is a complex process, and altogether we had over 300 pages of documents to go through before we could complete on the purchases. It took time but it went smoothly.


The great thing about taking out a finance package is that you have a lot of security because, in effect, you are in partnership with a finance company. Firstly, the company does its own due diligence on the properties and they will not lend money on properties that are being sold at above market value.

Then the buildings were surveyed by an independent company to ensure they were in good condition, the finance company also made sure they found out what the properties were worth and what they were on the market for in comparison to the rest of the street. They also found out what other properties are getting in rent on the street so we could compare prices. It was comforting that they were so thorough.


Our advice to anyone is to only work with people you can really trust. There were times when we thought we would just walk away as there was too much involved. If it was not for the back-up we got from PCG we would not have done it. The company we deal with in the US is very responsive as well, so we feel like we are in safe hands on both sides of the Atlantic.


Now everything is in place there really is not much to do, just a few hours a week in administration or transferring money and at the end of the day you have a bricks and mortar investment that is not only bringing you a tremendous returns from the rental income but also good capital growth. If the money was in the building society here it would be making 0.3%, if we were lucky, and a UK buy to let would bring in maximum 3%, compared to 34% on the Rochester properties and a high teens return on the Detroit ones.”


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